Fight Your Rival: Episode 5!

Welcome to episode 5 of Fight Your Rival! This week, we talk about the recent partnership between CBS, MLG, and, talk about even more Tekken Tag Tournament 2 console features, and even do some time travel to 94! What are we doing there? You’ll just have to watch!

Skullgirls Out Today on PSN! Xbox Live Version Coming Tomorrow

After what feels like years, Reverge Labs’ 2d tag fighter Skullgirls is finally on the Playstation Network, with the Xbox Live version hitting the marketplace tomorrow. We’ll be doing tons of Skullgirls coverage, from gameplay impressions to a full-on review, so keep your eyes glued to this blog as well as our YouTube page.

For those who have the game already, what are some of your thoughts? Discovering any nasty day one tech?