Soul Calibur V Is Bringing Sexy DLC Back

This week on Xbox Live and the Playstation Marketplace, Namco released their 7th DLC installment to Soul Calibur V. They threw in some more Tekken costumes along with an all new sexy costume pack. Watch the video and watch me take my new created character online and test their skills in the New York lobby in the Global Colosseum.

Snoop: First “Fight For NY,” Now “Tekken”

If Ice-T can be in Gears Of War 3, then Snoop can be in Tekken. Namco Bandai is giving Snoop Dogg his own stage in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and in return he dropped this dope beat on them for the trailer. This stage is offered to you if you pre-order the game. Talk about incentive…I wonder if Aerosmith is going to have a stage in Dead Or Alive 5?

Fight Your Rival: Episode 3!


Time for the 3rd installment of the greatest fighting game webseries on earth! Okay, modesty aside, sit back and enjoy as we discuss the recent Brazzers news sweeping the FGC, show off some of the new costume options for Street Fighter X Tekken and Soul Calibur V, and weigh in on Gamespot’s recent discussion on “Fixing Fighting Games.”