SEGA Unveils Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown Tournament Info for Evo 2012

As reported a few weeks ago, SEGA will be hosting a Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown tournament at this year’s Evolution World Championships in Vegas on the weekend of July 6th. The tourney will run all weekend and conclude on Sunday, with an entrance fee of $15. While an Evo entry fee isn’t necessary to participate, those interested in competing in VF5 must at least have an Evo spectator pass, which can be purchased for $10. The previously announced $15,000 pot bonus will be spread out quite generously, with the top 16 placers all getting paid accordingly:

1: $3,000
2: $2,000
3: $1,500
4: $1,200
5: $1,000
6: $900
7: $800
8: $600
9 – 16: $500

For more information on this tournament, check out this SRK post as well as the official registration site. Good luck, Virtua Fighter players. Get hype for one of the biggest tournaments this series has seen!

Sega Bringing $15,000 Virtua Fighter 5: FS Tournament To Evo

The unreleased Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown has been making waves at major tournaments lately, with VF players bringing the hype to the latest iteration of the Sega’s classic fighting franchise. Sega doesn’t plan to stop the game’s momentum anytime soon, as Shoryuken revealed that there will be a Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown side tournament at EVO with a prize pool totaling $15,000! If you’re a diehard VF player or simply want to see one of the prettiest, most technical 3d fighters around, this is not a part of EVO you want to miss!

P.S. Let’s hope for a release date by the end of this tournament. You’re killing me, Sega!

Mr. Wizard Promising Big News on Tonight’s Cross Counter Live

Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar of Shoryuken fame will be appearing on tonight’s episode of Cross Counter live, and promises “goodies and exclusives” during the broadcast. Mr. Wizard is one of the major minds behind Evo, and with only 2 months until the world’s biggest fighting game tournament, we can only assume he’ll be dropping some major news regarding the event!

Be sure to tune in to Cross Counter Live at midnight EST, 9pm PST!

EVO Registration Open Now!

Registration for this year’s Evolution Championship Series is open! Register before May 1st to save an additional $2o, and don’t delay, as there is absolutely no on-site registration for the country’s biggest fighting game tournament.

Entrants to the KOF XIII tournament will receive a free T-Shirt from Atlus publishing co.

Start grinding, get ready and most of all get hype!


Register Here!

Namco Hosting $10,000 Soul Calibur V World Championship on April 10th

Namco Bandai just announced that they’ll be hosting an invitational world championship for Soul Calibur V on April 10th, featuring 8 of the game’s top players from around the globe. No Face Killer and Keev, respective champions of this past weekend’s NCR and MLG events will be on hand, as well as 6 of the biggest killers in the entire Soul Calibur scene. Team Spooky will be handling streaming duties for the event (honestly, who else would stream something so hype?), while Namco’s FilthieRich and MadCatz’ MarkMan will be providing commentary. All of the action will be going down at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas and appears to be open to spectators.

The competitors are as follows:

  • NoFaceKiller (USA)
  • Rob The Destroyer aka RTD (USA)
  • Keev the Nightmare (France)
  • OmegaDR (Dominican Republic)
  • Hyrul (United Kingdom)
  • Toilet (Japan)
  • SHK (Japan)
  • Akire (France)

Check out the facebook page for the event for more info!


Evo Ruleset for Street Fighter X Tekken Revealed

Shoryuken’s Mr. Wizard revealed the official ruleset for the Street Fighter X Tekken portion of Evo today, clearing up some speculation surrounding the gem system and team format. The tournament will be 2 vs. 2, which will undoubtedly make for some hype moments and intense levels of sodium between losing partners. Gems will not be used at Evo, as Capcom has yet to give a solid release date for the tournament update to SFxT, which is intended to let players bring their gem layouts via flash drive.