Soul Calibur V DLC Showcase 6/12/11

FYR is bringing you a video review of the newest DLC for Soul Calibur V. Namco pulled no punches with this latest installment from  new underwear for men and armor for the ladies. Lets see how my new “Sexy Costumes” inspired Ivy goes up against a samurai who dodges bullets and he can clash his sword against a lightsaber….You k now who I am talking about.

Fight Your Rival Live! Episode 1

Episode 1 of the Fight Your Rival webseries is complete! Kick back and enjoy while we talk about our week 2 impressions of Street Fighter X Tekken, the new Soul Calibur V patch, and Majesco’s upcoming Girl Fight. We also play the brand-new Dead or Alive 5 alpha demo for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy the episode, leave some feedback, and spread the word!