GVN Summer Jam 6 Recap

This past weekend we ventured out to Philadelpha for Big E’s annual Summer Jam event, which was an absolute blast as I expected. One of the highlights was the Dead or Alive 5 pre-release tournament, which was not only a great chance to try a near-final build of the game, but also an introduction to how passionate the DOA community is. We got to speak to some top players, casual fans, and Team Ninja creative director Tom Lee, who all gave the general impression that the newest installment of Dead or Alive 5 is meant to be a seriously competitive game.

Other than that, Summer Jam 6 took all of the hype I’ve come to expect from Big E events and expanded it tenfold, especially during Marvel. The spirit of rivalry swirled through the room, especially during a pool match between Long Island’s Moons and Maryland visitor DJ Huoshen. Seeing the primarily NY-based crowd go absolutely nuts when Moons upset the more well-known Huoshen was awesome, as was seeing the shift in momentum when Moons had to then fight Marvel legend BT IFC Yipes. A cross-country battle suddenly shifted to NYC versus Long Island, which reminded me how exciting these friendly rivalries are during major tournaments. Props to Yipes of course, for finally taking a UMvC3 major. It’s about damn time.

Check out our playlist from the event below. Enjoy the videos!

Soul Calibur V Is Bringing Sexy DLC Back

This week on Xbox Live and the Playstation Marketplace, Namco released their 7th DLC installment to Soul Calibur V. They threw in some more Tekken costumes along with an all new sexy costume pack. Watch the video and watch me take my new created character online and test their skills in the New York lobby in the Global Colosseum.

Soul Calibur V DLC Showcase 6/12/11

FYR is bringing you a video review of the newest DLC for Soul Calibur V. Namco pulled no punches with this latest installment from  new underwear for men and armor for the ladies. Lets see how my new “Sexy Costumes” inspired Ivy goes up against a samurai who dodges bullets and he can clash his sword against a lightsaber….You k now who I am talking about.