Soul Calibur V Is Bringing Sexy DLC Back

This week on Xbox Live and the Playstation Marketplace, Namco released their 7th DLC installment to Soul Calibur V. They threw in some more Tekken costumes along with an all new sexy costume pack. Watch the video and watch me take my new created character online and test their skills in the New York lobby in the Global Colosseum.

FYR Invades MashFest 6 NYC


This past weekend in Astoria Queens, fighters gathered together to compete in the Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 tournament and walk out with a free movie ticket to see the new Amazing Spider-Man movie. The FYR staff had a great time and we got a chance to catch up with some top players (Sanford Kelly, Golba) spectators competitors and organizers. We have a ton of video footage from this event so we created a playlist with all the videos in one neat package for your viewing pleasure. Thank you for watching guys and remember….Keep Fighting.

Interview With Jon Haehnle On MashFest NYC


Located in the heart of New York City, MashFest goes down at the Fashion Forty lounge on 40th Street and 7th ave every other Monday. Its a great spot for fans of fighting games to get together and have a couple of drinks and enjoy some exhibition matches. What other place you can go to on a Monday night where they encourage you to drink and take your daily frustrations out by fighting random strangers and friends? Thank you Jon for taking time out from hosting the event to conduct this interview and for holding events in NYC.

Soul Calibur V DLC Showcase 6/12/11

FYR is bringing you a video review of the newest DLC for Soul Calibur V. Namco pulled no punches with this latest installment from  new underwear for men and armor for the ladies. Lets see how my new “Sexy Costumes” inspired Ivy goes up against a samurai who dodges bullets and he can clash his sword against a lightsaber….You k now who I am talking about.

FYR Interviews At ECT4

From June 9-10 Morristown NJ was the meeting spot for the FGC to gather and witness ECT4 (East Coast Throwdown 4). Fight Your Rival was there and witnessed the Hype and Drama first hand and we even got to speak to four of the top players attending the event. Hear what EG Ricky Ortiz, MegaMan Steve, Complexity Cross Counter’s Mike Ross and ComboFiend have to say about ECT4 and they give their insights on the RayRay Vs Fanatiq high stakes match.

MegaMan Steve

Ricky Ortiz


Mike Ross

Snoop: First “Fight For NY,” Now “Tekken”

If Ice-T can be in Gears Of War 3, then Snoop can be in Tekken. Namco Bandai is giving Snoop Dogg his own stage in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and in return he dropped this dope beat on them for the trailer. This stage is offered to you if you pre-order the game. Talk about incentive…I wonder if Aerosmith is going to have a stage in Dead Or Alive 5?