About Us

Fight Your Rival was started by a group of friends out of a simple love of fighting games. I’m a writer with a B.A. in Journalism, Natal’s a seasoned video editor, and Will is a Political Science grad who’s always finding the technology that game developers didn’t want you to figure out. All we do is play and talk fighters, so why not share it with the world, right? We aim to provide the community with the latest fighting game news, as well as offer up original feature stories and videos, including our weekly Fight Your Rival! webseries. We’re fortunate enough to be living in New York City, where some of the best players in the world call home, and have an incredible scene that deserves coverage. Fighting games are in one of the most important and exciting stages of their existence, and we just want to add to the hype, while hopefully entertaining the FGC with a little something different. Thanks for stopping by!

-Mike “Spidey” Andronico, Editor-in-Chief


Xbox Live: Spidey89


Natal Rodriguez, Video Editor

Xbox Live: Natal Luthor

PSN: Stabbing_Muscles

Will Parker, Features Editor

Xbox Live: Telepunk

Paul Theberge, Media and PR

Xbox Live: OHMFTW

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