“Making an Accessible Fighting Game” by Tuan Kim

Tuan Kim of Bitmob has brought to my attention his excellent article called “Making an Accessible Fighting Game,” which, much like my last Wandering Warrior piece, is a response to Gamespot’s recent “Fixing Fighting Games” article. Written from the view of a non-competitive gamer, Kim not only points out the pitfalls of fighting games in the eyes of the non-hardcore, but actually gives a detailed suggestion on a new type of genre that could combine the best part of fighters with the engagement of a blockbuster single-player campaign; The Fighting Adventure Hybrid.

Again, the concept of a Fighting Adventure Hybrid I have laid out is nothing revolutionary. What I wish to do is execute the concept well, and transform the hybrid from an additional single-player mode found in a fighting game (Tekken 6′s Campaign Mode, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2′s Story Mode, Super Smash Bros. Brawl’s Subspace Emissary Mode) to an entirely new genre. This does not mean multiplayer is being neglected in any way. Like the campaign in an FPS, it is totally optional, but those who do choose to play the campaign are in for a very exhilarating experience. Multiplayer modes in an FPS are simply derived from the campaign, using the same shooting mechanics and creating closed-off versions of the levels found in the campaign. A Fighting Adventure Hybrid can do exactly the same, making both Singleplayer and Multiplayer viable options for having fun.

It makes me extremely happy to see the healthy amount of intelligent discussion sparked by McGee’s work. Read the whole article for more!

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One thought on ““Making an Accessible Fighting Game” by Tuan Kim

  1. Tuan it seems that while speaking of an Action Fighting Hybrid you ignored Shenmue. Which imo was intended to be exactly that. It was an immersive story paired with combat based on the Virtua Fighter engine. More than that, you could learn techniques based on decisions and plot events. I guess Sega was ahead of their time. They really should make Shenmue 3 with the current VF engine I think that would really build up some steam with that release.

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