LI Joe To Be Sponsored By Brazzers


It seems that because of a group of persistent fans, porn company Brazzers is looking to get involved with the FGC. Brazzers is expressing interest in running tournaments, running ads and operating as a major player in the tournament scene. On the ThisisLIJoe stream on 4/2/2011 Gootecks, Skisonic, LI Joe, Justin Wong, Mike Ross, and others were there to discuss the implications of Brazzers jumping into the scene. Concerns were expressed over how the corporate interests involved in EVO, Capcom included would react to the presence of the porn industry in the FGC. Concerns were also raised over the claims of sexism following the events of Cross Assault. There are concerns that this could negatively effect the FGC, how do you feel about this?

(Photo credit Suparnova X)

Get hype?

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Revised: 7/21/2012

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3 thoughts on “LI Joe To Be Sponsored By Brazzers

  1. As long as this is done intelligently then things will be fine. Hardheaded people will make problems, but whatever. Sponsors are Sponsors. As pointed out, NOS has done things close to Rated R at events before but nobody made any problems.

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